Radio Frequency (RF)

Energy Treatment Technology


Radio Frequency (RF) energy treatment is technology for non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin; ideal for those people who either don’t want, or don’t believe they are old enough to have a surgical procedure.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (RF) is an aesthetic technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.
The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin. The process provides an alternative to facelift and other cosmetic surgeries.

Usually those in their 30s to 50s, with any skin colour. It is commonly used to treat the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line, and neck. Based on current RF technologies, most people should see at least a mild improvement in their skin tightness, with minimal risks and downtime compared to surgery.

Alternative techniques include Laser Skin resurfacing.

Typically, treatment requires a series of 8-12 treatment sessions lasting 30–45 minutes.


RF Is Used To Treat The Following:

Pure RF energy alone is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and is best suited to patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their thirties to fifties, with any skin colour.

  1. Forehead
    (Lift Brows & Tightens Forehead Skin)
  2. Under The Eyes
    (Thickens Skin & Tightens and Lifts The Upper Cheek Skin)
  3. Cheeks
    (Lifts Slightly & Diminishes Enlarged Pores)
  4. Mid-Face
  5. Jaw Line
    (Diminishes Jowling & Sagging Along The Jaw Line)
  6. Neck Bands
    (Tightens Skin & Diminishes Wrinkling of The Neck)

How Does RF Work?

Radio Frequency (RF) treatments are procedures involving the use of a radiofrequency (RF) energy device to heat up and tighten tissue to boost blood flow and break down cellulite and fat.

The radiofrequency energy heats the skin without damaging it, in order to break down fatty cells and stimulate collagen production, which improves skin tone and elasticity.

Radiofrequency treatments can be used to treat excess pockets of fat on the stomach, hips and thighs, reduce cellulite and tighten saggy skin caused by weight loss or pregnancy.

The Treatment Is Very Safe & Has Minimal Downtime.

RF can be used to enhance a variety of treatments including hair removal, photo rejuvenation, pigmented and vascular problems, acne treatment and cellulite treatment.


Body Shaping

In this case the Radio Frequency Treatment acts as an advanced firming and slimming treatment that effectively combats fat cells, cellulite and "orange-peel" looks.

It works best on areas such as stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms and neck. Very effective for diminishing stretch marks.

Face Shaping

Rejuvenating the skin and thus improving collagen production, this is the instant way to also eliminate wrinkles and relax facial muscles. It is quick and painless and strengthens the connective tissue of elastin fibers and collagen, thus improving collagen production and rejuvenating the skin.
Anti-aging in person, so to speak, this process reverses aging up to 5 years and is truly age-defying.

No special care is needed after treatment although your practitioner may suggest some of the following:
  • Light application of soothing/moisturizing lotions, creams or gels to the treatment area.
  • Cool, moisturizing mists applied as you feel necessary.
  • Cool water rinses or ice packs applied to the treatment area.
Radiofrequency treatments are ideal for those who wish to effectively contour the body, reduce fatty deposits and improve the appearance of cellulite.