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Sculpture Clinic Offers a Wide Variety of Non-Surgical and Minimally Invasive Procedures:



To quiet overactive muscles in the upper face causing forehead creases, frown lines, crow's feet and neck bands.


Dermal Fillers

Fillers to replenish volume and improve contours and deep folds and lines both in the upper cheek with Voluma when the "apples of your cheeks are falling" and in the lower face around the mouth region with Juvederm Ultra 2 for the finest of lip lines and Juvederm Ultra 4 for nasolabial folds and Juvederm Ultra 3 for lip augmentation.



Fractional Laser Treatment for improving tone, texture and tightening of facial skin. Great for around the eyes and around the mouth.


Lip Augmentation

Lip borders can be defined and the shape and size of the lips can be enhanced either subtly or dramatically depending on the result you desire.

This treatment is also ideal for reducing lines and creases around the mouth area.



To Get Rid of:

  1. The Unwanted Fat
  2. Rejuvinates The Hair

Nose Job Rhinoplasty

A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty can be used to fill in shadow defects, to straighten a crooked nose, to flatten a hump, or fill an indentation.

It can also be used to raise the tip or make the tip more symmetric.



To Restore and Rejuvinate The Face & Hair


Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) energy treatment is technology for non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin.


Minimizes Muscle Movement

What Is Botox Treatment?

Botox® Works By Temporarily Blocking The Signals From The Nerves To The Muscles. Reducing Muscle Movement And Causing Wrinkles To Relax & Soften.

For Treating The Following Areas

Moderate To Severe Horiz. Forehead Lines

Lines In Between The Eyes

Mild Eyebrow Drop

Crow's Feet (Lines Around The Eyes)

Elevating The Angles Of The Eyebrows

Elevating The Angles Of The Mouth

Down Turn Smile Line

Neck Bands

Severe Under Arms, Hands & Soles Sweating

Advantages of Botox

Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

Preventing Wrinkles From Appearing

Real & Noticeable Results

No Surgery

No Recovery Time

Disadvantages of Botox




Bleeding/Bruising May Occur (Injection Site)

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Dermal Fillers

Adds Volume

What Is Dermal Fillers Treatment?

Fillers Plump & Lift The Skin Gently To Replace Collagen Loss Caused By The Natural Aging Process.
(Stimulating Collagen Growth)

For Treating The Following Areas

Add Structure & Volume To The Face

Alter The Contours Of The Jaw / Lips

Restore Smoothness

Fuller Lips

Reducing / Eliminating Wrinkles & Lines

Skin Rejuvenation (Restore Youth)

Increasing Volume To The Back Of The Hand

Minimally Invasive Procedure


Advantages of Dermal Fillers

Results Are Immediate

Little To No Downtime

Filler Injections Are Quick

No Surgery (Topical Anesthetic)

Provide a Subtle Look That Can Be Adjusted

Disadvantages of Dermal Fillers

Fillers Are Temporary

Repeat Injections To Maintain Your Look

Some People May Be Sensitive

Results Are Dependent On The Injector

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Stimulate Collagen Production

What Is PRP Treatment?

PRP Contains Growth Factors Which Stimulate The Body To Repair & Restore Tissues Using The Body’s Own Natural Processes (Collagen Growth).

For Treating The Following Areas

Forehead Lines

Lines In Between The Eyes

Crow's Feet (Lines Around The Eyes)

Cheeks & Mid Face


Back Of Hands & Arms

Stimulate Hair Growth On Scalp

Facial Rejuvenation

Other Body Parts ... etc

Advantages of PRP

Used On All Skin Types / Colours

Using Your Own Blood

No Surgery (Anesthetic)

Lasts Longer

Natural Treatment

Disadvantages of PRP

No Immediate Results

Treatments Required Vary (Skin Condition)

Swelling / Redness

Bruising May Occur (Injection Site)

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